Funny quotes for Whastapp status

Today we are sharing funny quotes with you so that you can laugh and also make the other people laugh too by updating your status on WhatsApp. In today’s hectic life, laughter is also very important and one can laugh only when they read or listen anything funny. To update these quotes is easy while to make the same is a very typical task and to make your work easy we have made up funny quotes for you.
So guys just take a look at our unique collection of funny quotes that not only makes you laugh but also make your day. You can read these lines and also update your funny WhatsApp status that bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. We hope you like our collection and enjoy reading it and also visit us again to get other amazing fun giving quotes..

Best famous Funny quotes for Whatsapp
1- Oh Please, Update your own status.. don’t you dare to copy mine.

2- Never try to laugh at the choices of your love as you are one of them.

3- How creative the god is.. Just look at his awesome creation i.e. me!

4- It seems funniest when a group of girls sits silently.

5- A girl’s purse has every thing in it but you can not find a single thing from it.

6- Its better to chat with fools than to sit idle and get bored.

7- Love matters but actually money matters more than it.

8- Some people need a hi-five on their face.

9- I never return money I owed because I don’t want you to forget me my dear friend.

10- Day dreaming is my favorite hobby.

11- I am getting bored.. Some one disturb me please.

12- When ever I need expert advise, I used to talk to myself.

13- Exams are the most critical and creative phase of my life.

14-Life is short, Don’t look at my status every time..

15- People hate when they are unable to understand.

16- When ever I was driving my Audi, alarm woke me up.

17- Go and get some work.. Don’t sit still reading my status.

18- I am very active only my smart phones makes me lazy.

19- Don’t jealous with my success, it is my first chance.

20- Every one is not fool, some are bachelors.


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