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Handy Scanner Price In India

Portable Handy Scanner, Text Scanner

Handy Scanner Features:

  • Handy Scanning system that helps you stay organized at home, at work, and on the go
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Scan receipts, business cards, or documents of any size, the intelligent text recognition converts scans to editable text, then identifies and digitally files your papers for easy access. After that you can generate reports and forms when you need them
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Manage your receipts, maintain accurate records of all your expenses. Analyze your spending by vendor, date, project, client and more  
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Easily manage documents for your business, home or both. Quickly find information with keywords search. Create printed documents to editable text  
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Automate your expense reports, with digital copies of your receipts you can create professional
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Keyword search, search though receipts, cards, and documents for specific keywords that appear in the text
  • With the Help of Handy Scanner you can Intelligent text recognition, convert printed documents to text and you can edit
  • Smart Sorting, allows you to scan and process multiple documents, and automatically organizes them for you  
  • Export Data to Microsoft Word and more
Handy Scanner Specifications:
  • Sensor: A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
  • Resolution: Standard resolution : 300x300 dpi(default); High resolution: 600x600 dpi;
  • External memory card: Support Micro SD card up to 16GB
  • File format: JPEG
  • LCD: scanning status display
  • Auto Power Off: 3 Minute
  • Maximum Scanning speed: A) Color High resolution: 13 Seconds; B) Color Low resolution: 3.0 Seconds; C) Mono High resolution: 6.0 Seconds; D) Mono Low resolution: 2.0 Seconds
  • Scanning width and length: A) Scanning width: 8.27"; B) Scanning Length: 300DPI: 50"(Max), 600DPI: 25"(Max) 
  • Capacity (Based on 1GB Micro SD, Scan A4 size file, the quantity of picture is various and depend on the content complexity): A) Color High resolution: 323 Photos(Min.); B) Color Low resolution: 1190 Photos(Min.); C) Mono High resolution: 372 Photos(Min.); D) Mono Low resolution: 1320 Photos(Min.)  
  • USB Port: USB 2.0 high Speed 
  • Support system: Driver free to download for Windows XP SP2 /Vista and Mac 10.4 or above 
Handy Scanner Price In India - Rs. 4500
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