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TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router

TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router Specifications:

TP-Link 54Mbps - TD-W8901G 54M Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router is designed to provide a simple and cost-effective ADSL Internet connection for a private Ethernet or 802.11g/802.11b wireless network.


TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router is easy to use. The TD-W8901G connects to an Ethernet LAN or computers via standard Ethernet ports. The ADSL connection is made using ordinary telephone line with standard connectors. Multiple workstations can be networked and connected to the Internet using a single Wide Area Network (WAN) interface and single global IP address. The advanced security enhancements, IP/MAC Filter, Application Filter and URL Filter can help to protect your network from  potentially devastating intrusions by malicious agents from the outside of your network.

The TD-W8901G supports full-rate ADSL2+ connectivity conforming to the ITU and ANSI specifications. In addition to the basic DMT physical layer functions, the ADSL2+ PHY supports dual latency ADSL2+ framing (fast and interleaved) and the I.432 ATM Physical Layer.

In the most attentive wireless security, the Router provides multiple protection measures. It can be set to turn off the wireless network name (SSID) broadcast so that only stations that have the SSID can be connected. The Router provides wireless LAN 64/128-bit WEP encryption security, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication, as well as TKIP/AES encryption security.       
•3-in-1: ADSL2+ modem,4-port Ethernet router and wireless G access point
•Easily share ADSL connection with all office or home computers,wired or wirelessly
•Triple Active Firewalls: SPI, NAT and Packet Filter
•QoS prioritization based on ToS, DSCP, service type or 802.1p
•Supports DHCP, Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP), and includes a user-friendly Setup Wizard which takes you through configuring your network, step by step
•Administer and Upgrade the Router Remotely over the Internet

Software Specification
ADSL Features
 Full-rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
 ITU-T G.992.1 (G.dmt)
 ITU-T G.992.2 (G.lite)
 ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs)
ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis)
 ITU-T G.992.5
 Max 6 kilometers
Frequency Range
 2.4GHz -2.4835GHz
Data Rates
  Downstream: Up to 24Mbps
  Upstream: Up to 3.5Mbps (With Annex M enabled)
ATM Features
  UNI 3.1/4.0,ATM Adaptation Layer Type 5-AAL5
  Multiprotocol encapsulation over ATM (RFC 1483)
  UBR, CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt
  Supports 8PVCs
PPP Features
  PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
  PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)
 Switching Features
  IGMP snooping
  IGMP multicast
  Port VLAN
  Tag VLAN
  IEEE 802.1d transparent learning bridging
Routing Features
 Classical IP and ARP over ATM (RFC 1577/2225), MER, RIP V1/V2
  Static routing, IP, TCP, UDP, ARP
  UPnP, Virtual Server, DMZ
  SIP, H323 ALG
Wireless Features
  Complies with IEEE 802.11g, IEEE802.11b
  11g: Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)
  Provides WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication and TKIP/AES  encryption security
  Provides 64/128-bit WEP encryption security and wireless LAN ACL (Access Control List)
  Wireless operating range: Indoor up to100m, Outdoor up to 300m
  wireless transmit power: 17dBm (max. EIRP)
  Antenna power: 2dBi
 Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  Packet Filter
 VPN Pass Through
 IPSec/PPTP/L2TP Pass-through
 IP Type of service(ToS)
 Device Management
 HTTP, TELNET, Console
 Administration and operation software (firmware) upgradable locally by WEB, TFTP, FTP, Console
Hardware Specification
 4 10/100M LAN Ports(RJ45)
 1 Line Port(RJ11)
External Power Supply
LED Indicators
 Power ,ADSL ,Internet ,WLAN ,LAN(1-4)
Dimensions (W*D*H)
 6.9*4.7*1.1 in.(174*120*28.8 mm)
 Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉)
 Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉)
 Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
 Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

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