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Magnatic Powered Spinning Top

Magnatic Powered Spinning TOP will spin without stopping for about one week. Magnatic Powered Spinning TOP uses an electromagnet in the base for constant spinning action.It is like that a best eye catcher for customers and other people passing nearby this TOP. Magnetic Powered Spinning Top is generally for the use of retailers of having a low footfalls in their shop, at least try for once will give them a result of 5 to 10% immediate growth in walk ins for their show Room or Premises. In Short this is an easy way to amuse and impress who passes your desk or counter.

    Magnatic Powered Spinning TOP Product Features

    • This Top will continue to spin for about a week - WITHOUT STOPPING!
    • It,s Kinda like the top totem in that movie everyone was talking about.
    • Actually, this TOP uses a little electromagnet to pulse magnet magic out whenever the top goes through the center of the base.
    • This is easy way to amuse and impress everyone who passes your desk.
    • Battery: 1 9-Volt (included).
    • Magnatic Powered Spinning TOP Dimensions:
      • Top: 0.75" diameter x 1" tall.
      • Base: 3.5" diameter x 1.25" tall
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