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Pocket Wifi 3g router with Nokia Battery BL-6c

Pocket Wifi 3g router with Nokia Battery BL-6c(2No) support all 3g&Cdma Data cards powerful wifi Range and speed
Pocket WiFi 3G Router

Pocket Wifi 3g router Features & Specifications

Compact and stylish design, dimension only 108 (W)x 65(L)x23.5 (H)mm, super portable, 5V car charger adapter option for ultimate mobile connectivity.

Adjustable USB interface
Adjustable USB interface, when not in use, retracts into the casing of the device, leaving a perfect flush, rounded surface, not only a practical gateway, but also an artwork.

Built-in Nokia compatible Battery
Built-in 1500mAh lithium ion battery, it can act as a hotspot for several hours without being connected to a power outlet. Make users keep online anytime, anywhere.

With support to the latest HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/LTE technology, you will be able to enjoy a super high-speed mobile broadband up to 42Mbps! Change to new 3G/4G router will be not required in future!

11N WiFi
Create an instant 802.11n wireless broadband sharing environment with your Windows Mobile or PC! 802.11n ability increases your wireless throughput to 150Mbps and wireless coverage to 3 times compared to 802.11g.

Supports 3G/4G USB modems
Supports a complete and latest range of 3G/4G USB modems along with a variety of service providers worldwide. Simply use your existing 3G/4G modem to create a mobile broadband!

Fail Over Feature
Use 3G/4G broadband as backup to your fixed line broadband. Once the fixed line drops out, the connection will be automatically switched to 3G/4G to ensure non-stop network services.

With our unique 3G/4G Plug-n-Play function, your 3G/4G modem will be automatically detected and configured. Simply plug it in and get connected within seconds!

3G Modem Support Pocket Wifi 3g router
The PocketWifi router has 3G Modem functionality. It provides Wire and Wireless Internet connection through 3G USB modem. It supports
Photon+ Huawei EC1260, Huawei EC 1261, ZTE AC 8700,ZTE AC 8710, Epivalley SEC-8089,SEC-8081,Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC121 whize
Reliance :
Netconnect Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260,Huawei EC1261,Huawei EC1262, ZTE AC8710, ZTE 2726
Epivalley SEC-8089,Epivalley SEC-8081
Huawei E156G,Huawei E121G, ZTE AC 8700,ZTE AC 8710,Linktop U-100,,U-105,U-200,U-300,U-520
Micromax MMX300,Micromax MMX 200G, Micromax MMX 372G
Micromax MMX300,Micromax MMX 200G, Micromax MMX 372G
Micromax MMX300,Micromax MMX 200G.
ZTE AC 2766 MBlaze Premium
New USB Modems are supported through Firmware Upgrade.
Pocket Wifi 3g router Price In India - Rs. 3200
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