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Remote Control for 3Lights 1Fan with Speed Regulator

Remote Control for 3Lights 1Fan with Speed Regulator Specifications:
The Main Advantages of a “Remote control system” when compared with mechanical switching systems are: - 
  • System saves unnecessary wiring and switches cost of 2 way switching.
  • Spark less and contact less switching increases switches life.
  • Prevents children from risk of electric shock and short circuit.
  • It is a boon for physically handicapped persons.
  • Can be installed in all hospital rooms used for bed ridden patients.
  • All bed rooms used by elderly and aged people
Remote Control for 3Lights 1Fan with Speed Regulator - Product features and benefits are listed below:
1. Remote operating distance up to 30 ft
2. Fan speed can also be controlled using the same Remote.
3. Provision for switching ON/OFF all lights & Fan instantly.
4. Spark less switching increases switches life.
5. Prevents us from risk of electrical shock and short circuit.
6. No alteration required while installing our unit.
7. Ideal for 3 Lights & 1 Fan.
8. Easy Installation.
Highly Useful For :-
  • All Homes Particularly at Bed rooms and Halls,
  • Children where switchboard is not reachable,
  • Auditoriums and conference halls,
  • Bedridden patience and aged people,
  • Physically handicapped persons,
  • Hospitals and clinics, 
  • Restaurants Etc. 
The total “Remote control System” comprises of following parts:
1.      Sensor / receiver unit - To be fixed to the existing switch board.
2.      Remote Control - Hand held unit for switching on/off 
3.      Installation Manual - wiring diagram explaining easy installation 
4.      Guarantee Card - for customer satisfaction and after sales service 
5.      Packing / carton Box - Safety & Proper enclosure for all above 4 items

Quality Control Standards :-
*Power Supply             :: 230 Volts , AC , 50 Hz 
* Wattage Limit            :: 150 Watts x 4 points 
* Input Power Source  :: Phase and Neutral inside switch board. 
* Total Light Control Points    :: 3 Points On/Off 
* Total Fan Control Points       :: 1 Point acing as Dimmer 
* Fan speed control                  :: + or - 10 steps 
* Power Resumption Status     :: Off 
* On/Off Time                            :: Instantaneous 
* Remote Operating Voltage     :: DC 3 Volts (2 x AA Size batteries)

Remote Control for 3Lights 1Fan with Speed Regulator Installation Procedure:
The sensor/receiver unit is installed to the existing switch board according to the procedure explained in the Instruction manual.
The installation takes not more than 15 minutes.
The hand held remote is then loaded with 2 AA size batteries and the unit is now ready for operation within 30-50 ft range.

Remote Control for 3Lights 1Fan - Price Rs. 2450(INR)

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